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5 Blindspots That Could Be Limiting Your Business

By February 16, 2021March 25th, 2021No Comments
Courtney DeRonde 5 Blindspots that could be Limiting Your Business
Courtney DeRonde

5 Blindspots That Could Be Limiting Your Business

In this session, Courtney DeRonde shares 5 commonly overlooked blindspots that could be limiting your business growth. While Growth Amplifiers are always looking ways to amplify their business, if you have blinds holding you back that you’re not addressing, you could end up working really hard and getting no where fast. Tune-in and gain helpful perspective PLUS take advantage of a FREE GUIDE containing the 5 Commonly Overlooked Business Blindspots in more detail.

Courtney DeRonde is a CPA and Managing Partner of TDT CPAs and Advisors, a boutique advisory and accounting firm for small businesses and nonprofit organizations. They help overwhelmed, successful leaders understand and
maximize financial information so they can achieve better results and move their organization to the next level.

Courtney is primarily responsible for the firm’s vision and strategic direction. Her professional background includes almost two decades serving small businesses and non-profits. As an owner in her firm and managing partner, she also has firsthand experience running and scaling a small business. Courtney and her husband Brian live in Des Moines, Iowa, along with their 3 children, M’lynn, Brady and Callen, and their Whoodle, Oscar.

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Interview Highlights

  • The 5 blind spots limiting your business
  • Valuable examples to show you how blind spots hold you back
  • Learn how you can access  your FREE ebook with more tips and insights