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Achieving Mastery with “The One Thing” – LIVE Interview with Geoff Woods

By May 17, 2021December 15th, 2022No Comments
Geoff Woods - The ONE Thing
Geoff Woods

Achieving Mastery with "The One Thing" - LIVE Interview with Geoff Woods

Tune-in the conversation with Co-Founder & President at ProduKtive® | Executive Advisor | Productivity, Goal-Setting, and Habit Formation Trainer | Speaker | Host of The ONE Thing Podcast. Using strategies developed from the book The ONE Thing, ProduKtive® trains leaders and organizations to:

  1. Identify their ONE Thing at executive, departmental, and individual levels
  2. Time-block schedules to maximize productivity and prioritize high-impact goals
  3. Form simple but powerful habits that elevate their success in the long term

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