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Amplified Business Advisor Podcast Series with Jennifer Bauldic

By May 10, 2022December 15th, 2022No Comments
Jennifer Bauldic

Amplified Business Advisor Podcast Series with Jennifer Bauldic

Growing your business can be challenging. In order to create sustained growth, you need to develop habits of success following proven strategies and frameworks.

Join us as we interview the top B2B Advisors to learn their best strategies for success and pitfalls to avoid. We will share how to find your ideal clients and how to save time in the process so you can achieve more success with less headaches.

In this episode, we are joined by Jennifer Bauldic, Cash Coach President from Jetstream Administration Inc., P.C. Her passion is working with entrepreneurs and small business owners to improve their pricing and profits.

Connect with Jennifer Bauldic:

Interview Highlights:

  • What is ProfitFirst and how can it help your business?
  • How can you increase your profits in your business?
  • Which is more important in your business, profit or cash flow?