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Covid-19 – Impact on Small Businesses

By April 15, 2020June 4th, 2021No Comments

Impacting Businesses of All Sizes

Just as how Covid-19 impacted many people of all different backgrounds, it also impacted many businesses of all different sizes.

In efforts to do our part to help, we coordinated research and surveyed small businesses.

Thanks to contributing business owners and the Jacksonville Chamber for the input and resources.

Employee Count of Businesses from Survey Participants

Survey Employee Count

Impact of Covid-19 on Small Business

Survey Impact

Impact Varied Depending on Industry

From both the survey and our personal interactions with business owners, we saw that industries were impacted differently by the pandemic. Some industries had immediate consequences by having to shut doors. Others saw a lowering of demand for their services while some actually saw an increase in business.

Business Closures


As the pandemic continued to climb, many businesses were instructed to shut their doors. This left many businesses scrambling to figure out alternative ways to operate their business and generate revenue.

Businesses Ability To Work Remotely

Virtual Remote Support

Tools like Zoom, Skype and other video conferencing software and technology gave some businesses the ability to operate virtually.

While these solutions helped out some businesses not all operations can be addressed virtually.

Collaborative Innovation

The biggest requests by business owners were for providing ways to collaborate and come up with innovative ideas and requesting information about financial aid such as the Disaster Relief Assistance and Payment Protection Plan by the SBA.

Requested Resources

Our Response

We gathered our best resources to share with small business in efforts to provide:

  • Focus & Clarity
  • Strategies to Maximize Business
  • Techniques to Save Valuable Time

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Resources for Your Business

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