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Taking Courageous Actions to Perform at Your Best

By March 24, 2020May 26th, 2020No Comments
Dr. Christina Migliara
Dr. Christina Migliara

Taking Courageous Actions to Perform At Your Best

As the owner of Coastwise Mediation and Therapy and CrossFit Tailwinds, Dr. Christina Migliara guides her patients to improve their mental and physical health to achieve more of what they want in their lives. Through her journey, she has developed the knowledge that it takes courage to show vulnerability and ask for help. In this rock-cast, Dr. Christina shares her journey and how she has partnered with other business owners to create a business that is empowering people around the nation to achieve better health and wellness in their lives.

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In This Podcast:

  • Be Inspired by Dr. Christina‚Äôs To Move Beyond Fears to Achieve a Bold Vision
  • Attain the Importance of Giving Your Mental Health as Much Focus as Your Physical Health
  • Gain the Courage to Be Vulnerable & Open The Space for New Possibilities