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FINDing the way to a Real Solution

By July 14, 2020June 4th, 2021No Comments
Dr. Daniel Kessler
Dr. Daniel Kessler

FINDing the way to a Real Solution

Dr. Daniel Kessler, D.O. provides consulting services for clients globally through KADAN INSTITUTE applying custom-tailored solutions based on functional medicine and swiss biologic medicine principles. In addition, he is a mentor for physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners helping them to transition into a thriving functional medicine practice, acquire world class functional medicine skills and practice medicine the way it is meant to be.

After undergraduate studies at Emory University, he worked at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta Georgia for two years where he was actively involved in research studying the effects of environmental toxins on health at the National Center for Environmental Health before finishing his medical school at NOVA Southeastern University.

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Podcast Highlights

  • The difference between treating symptoms vs the source of the problem
  • What function medicine is and how it can provide a better level of care to you
  • How learning from mistakes helps you overcome challenges in your health as well as in your business¬†