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Get a Vision & Live It, Becoming Prosperous Now for Life

By July 13, 2021July 19th, 2021No Comments
Get a Vision & Live It, Becoming Prosperous Now for Life
Larry Olsen

Get a Vision & Live It, Becoming Prosperous Now for Life

In Larry Olsen’s highly acclaimed bestseller, Get a Vision and Live It, he teaches how to change your attitude to align with your vision, allowing you to go beyond what you currently think is possible, to achieve increased motivation, vision, clarity, better relationships, and success at work. Larry challenges readers, even those at the top of their game, to become better versions of themselves. His information is both effective and inspiring because it is rooted in scientific fact and common sense. Larry shares with readers how the application of subtle techniques will result in experiencing superior performance. Readers will learn the key processes critical to achieving your full potential, record-breaking results, and personal and professional prosperity.

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Interview Highlights

  • The long-awaited proof behind why we are so invincible and capable of accomplishing anything.
  • Insight into why we think, feel, and act the way we do but most importantly how to easily adjust our thinking to get the results we want.
  • How to accelerate personal and professional achievement.
  • Fascinating and practical ideas you can put into immediate action increasing creativity to set and accomplish visions.
  • How to constructively handle the stress and pressures of everyday living.
  • An exciting and remarkable approach to vision accomplishment for total life balance.
  • Turning barriers into stepping stones to personal/professional success.
  • Having your own personal coach to help you see beyond what you currently think is possible and then act upon it.