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Get in Gear: The 7 Gears that Drive Strategy to Results

By March 2, 2021March 25th, 2021No Comments
Sean Ryan - 7 Gears that Drive Strategy to Results
Sean Ryan

Get in Gear: The Seven Gears that Drive Strategy to Results

Far too many businesses do a poor job of translating their well-formulated strategies into their anticipated results. Whether related to unclear goals, lack of accountability or undertaking activities irrelevant to results, the inability to deliver comes from poor execution.

To actively manage your organization so that everyone is working toward a common vision, strategy and set of priorities requires aligning “seven gears of execution” to alleviate the friction that’s slowing you down. These involve ensuring you have the right people in the right roles with the right capabilities; you align your organizational architecture in the direction of your strategy; you promote a culture of communication; and more.

Sean Ryan is a world-renowned business consultant, speaker, trainer and executive coach, and is founder of Whitewater International Consulting. His new book is Get In Gear: The Seven Gears that Drive Strategy to Results.

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Interview Highlights:

  • Insights on the 7 gears that drive results
  • Learn the 5 by 5 conversation technique 
  • How to maintain traction on your goals