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How a Strategic Financial Guide Can Transform Your Business

By August 18, 2023No Comments
Ibanessa Hogan

How Accountants Can Confidently and Competently Build their Businesses

In a recent Growth Amplifiers podcast episode, host Kenny Harper had the pleasure of sitting down with Ibanessa Soto Hogan. She is a business strategist, accountant, and tax practitioner, and the driving force behind Masterpiece Accounting.

Ibanessa's journey began as a corporate accountant in large companies. However, her life took a turn when she decided to become a powerhouse mom while starting her own business. With a fresh perspective, she noticed a significant gap in the way small businesses handled their finances.

Determined to make a difference, she embarked on a mission to help small business owners understand the true value of financial information and use it strategically to achieve true success.

Connect with Ibanessa (Soto) Hogan, MBA, EA :

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Interview Summary & Highlights

Addressing Common Challenges in Business

One of the most common challenges Ibanessa encounters is business owners being overly involved in the day-to-day operations, neglecting the bigger picture. As a result, they lose sight of crucial aspects that require attention and measurement for growth. Ibanessa’s strategic guidance helps business owners shift their focus from being technicians to becoming effective managers, ultimately fostering sustainable growth.

While juggling multiple roles, Ibanessa also stresses the importance of self-care. She recommends that entrepreneurs take breaks and set aside time for themselves and their family. Doing so helps to create balance and allows business owners to operate more efficiently, making it easier to focus on their core tasks.

Transforming Businesses with a Holistic Approach

Ibanessa shares a powerful success story of a business owner who sought her help when faced with debt, disorganized finances, and stress. With a meticulous approach, Ibanessa addressed the immediate financial challenges, consolidated debt, and implemented strategic pricing adjustments.

The result was a complete business transformation, not only restoring financial stability but also enabling the business owner to open a complementary second business, expanding their revenue streams.

This stays true to Ibanessa’s holistic approach, which focuses on understanding the individual and their unique business objectives. 

The Power of a Strategic Guide

What sets Ibanessa apart is her dedication to providing authentic and strategic support. She helps businesses navigate challenges, streamline operations, and forecast better to achieve peak performance. Her expertise brings clarity and direction, making a transformative impact on businesses.

Many businesses often lack a strategic guide to help them identify and address obstacles. This can lead to costly mistakes, missed opportunities, and slow progress.

Business owners who invest in a financial strategist such as Ibanessa are able to establish systems that work for their businesses while staying on top of the ever-changing business landscape. Achieving financial clarity is essential to making informed decisions that propel businesses towards sustainable success.

Achieve Higher Levels of Success with Ibanessa Hogan of Masterpiece Accounting

Ibanessa Soto Hogan’s approach as a business strategist, accountant, and tax practitioner is a game-changer for small service-based business owners. With her strategic insights, financial expertise, and holistic support, she empowers her clients to achieve higher levels of success. By bridging the gap between financial information and decision-making, navigating challenges with ease, and implementing strategic planning, Ibanessa sets businesses on a path towards sustainable growth and profitability.

We hope Ibanessa’s story inspires business owners to seek out the right resources and become champions of their industry.To get in touch with Ibanessa and learn more about how she helps small businesses, visit her website

Every champion has a coach to guide them to greatness. So stay tuned at the episodes of Growth Amplifiers with the top B2B advisors of the industry. Catch bits of tips and advice to take your business to the next level and become the champion of your own success.