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How Accountants Can Confidently and Competently Build their Businesses

By February 15, 2022February 21st, 2022No Comments
Roger Knecht Build Your Business
Roger Knecht

How Accountants Can Confidently and Competently Build their Businesses

As President of Universal Accounting Center® (UAC) Roger Knecht is a favorite presenter at Universal’s seminars, combining wit and wisdom in sharing the principles of business success. Mr. Knecht has extensive experience in marketing and management with corporations of all sizes and has successfully implemented the principles of growth he speaks about.

In this episode of Amplified Actions, Roger shares how his company has helped thousands of individuals grow their businesses with the capability to gain more profitable client portfolios.

Scroll down to see what Roger had to say about how accountants can confidently and competently build their services.

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Interview Summary

Helping Accounting Professionals for 20 Years

I’m Roger Knecht, President of Universal Accounting Center. I joined in 1999, but the company began in 1979. That’s 43 years of experience under one roof.

I’ve been working with accounting professionals for 20 years to help them both start and build their accounting businesses.

We’ve created a unique training certification over that time. A program that assigns coaches and mentors to accountants looking to competently and confidently grow their business.

What separates us from the pack of other business coaches is our varied approach and attention to detail.

Our program includes a mentor, someone you can learn from who does what you want to do in their day-to-day life. An orientation counselor to help with the program, an academic coach to teach you the content and information, and a business coach to help you apply all that you learn.

It’s a comprehensive mentorship that we’ve learned works over the 40 years we’ve built it.

What Challenges Do Accountants Encounter?

The easiest thing is they’re overwhelmed when they’re starting their business.

There are lots of things that get in the way. It’s easy to get so overwhelmed that you procrastinate. And I’m referring to this both from a startup perspective, as well as a growth perspective. Even if you have an established business, it’s like that idea of, “What’s next?”

They just don’t know.

How Can Accountants Overcome Being Overwhelmed?

Whether you’re a startup that needs its first clients or an established business looking to grow, you won’t know the lay of the land until you map it.

It’s an acronym we at Universal Accounting Center created to help our clients. Map your revenue, look at your Accounting, and get into Production. MAP.

The first step is to dig into your business revenue. What kind of marketing and sales do you need to get more clients and grow the business?

Next, look at the accounting services you’re providing. Is there something more you can be doing for the client to charge more or earn more from the services you’re offering?

Last is production. Is there something you could do to be more efficient and profitable with the services you’re providing as you’re onboarding and working with the clients?

Once you’ve MAP’d your business you can compartmentalize and focus on what’s important.

Maybe your priority is getting new clients, or it could be providing new services to clients you already have.

When you compartmentalize and focus it will create a mountainous to-do list. Don’t get discouraged. Break it into smaller pieces. Prioritize. Once you know your priorities, delegate. Spreading responsibility is a powerful way to accomplish tasks and see results.

Finally, plug yourself into a system. Associate with successful people that believe in you and you’ll boost your confidence. Why reinvent the wheel when there are business coaches out there who have walked the road before you and know the way?

There’s a lot of people who have done this successfully. You don’t have to do it alone.

From Supplement to Unexpected Success

My friend Andrey started as an accountant just wanting to supplement her income. She didn’t see it as more than a way to earn some extra money on the side. Even so, it was overwhelming. She had no plan and no sense of what to look for on the road she was taking her business on. Even established businesses don’t know what’s coming next, but she saw the potential.

We worked together over the last few years and now she has a full-time business, numerous clients, and just bought a new home.

Andrey is amazing, but she faced challenges as all accountants do. It’s easy to get decision paralysis when faced with so many tasks. Should I focus on new clients? Services? What about building a team and refining what I already have?

This deluge paralyzes business owners. It leads to procrastination. Procrastination, in turn, leads to doubt. All Andrey needed was some guidance to confidently build her business from a side hustle into a flourishing accountant firm.

Start Building Your Practice

If you want to build your accounting service confidently, take the first step. Plan out where you want to go with our free turnkey business plan. It’s a free course specifically designed to help you put together a business plan for your company. It will guide you through deciding what services to offer, how you’re going to market and sell them, and how to price them.

You’ll also get a free copy of Back in Black, my book that explains the principles behind MAPing your business and the sense of fulfillment you’ll achieve when you’re working confidently and competently.

Get your Free Turnkey Business Plan at