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How CPAs Can Identify Low-Hanging Fruit in a Niche Market with Andrew Hunzicker

By March 13, 2023March 21st, 2023No Comments
Andrew Hunzicker

How CPAs Can Identify Low-Hanging Fruit in a Niche Market

In this episode, we will be discussing how CPAs can identify low-hanging fruit in a niche market. Specifically, we will be using the Cannabis & CBD/Hemp niche as an example.

Andrew Hunzicker, CPA and founder of DOPECFO, will be sharing his insights on this topic. He has helped many Solo CPAs, Accountants, and Bookkeepers successfully enter this complex and highly regulated industry.

Andrew will explain what is meant by the term "low-hanging fruit" and why it's important to identify these opportunities in a niche market.
Andrew will also provide tips on how to identify low-hanging fruit in other niche markets, including how to conduct market research and analyze competitors.

Connect with Andrew Hunzicker:

Interview Highlights:

  • Top-shelf approach – what is that?
  •  What can you start doing to breakthrough mindset blocks?
  • How to become a pusher in sales and not afraid to stand by your values?