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How to Craft your Customer Value Journey

The customer value journey is not just a marketing strategy; it’s a systematic approach to present your product or service to your potential customers and guide them seamlessly towards becoming paying, loyal, and referring customers. At its core, the customer value journey is about creating a pathway that consistently transforms strangers into profitable customers. The idea is simple: systemize your approach, and you’ll consistently generate business from your ideal prospects.

In the midst of discussions about technology, sales, and growth, the heart of business lies in the connections we build. It’s important to remember the customer value journey isn’t just about sales, it’s ultimately about building relationships. People out there face challenges, and your services or products can be the solution. By letting them know you’re there to help them overcome their challenges and achieve their goals, you’re not just selling; you’re building relationships. Business is about caring and sharing, not pushing products onto people.

Belief in your product or service brings a responsibility to share your message. It’s not just about benefiting your business but also about contributing positively to others. By communicating that you genuinely care and have a solution to offer, you not only enhance your business but also become a valuable resource for those facing challenges. So, let’s explore the customer value journey and how it can not only amplify your business but also create meaningful connections that stand the test of time.

Steps to Crafting a Customer Value Journey

Let’s break down the key stages in the customer value journey, starting with the first phase where growth is the key objective of your business. 

Grow by Building Awareness, Engagement and Making a Connection


In the initial stage of growth, the primary focus is on creating awareness. It’s fundamental that people know your business exists. After all, if potential customers are unaware of your presence, how can they engage with your products or services? Crafting a robust strategy to boost awareness ensures that your business is on the radar, creating the foundation for future interactions.

However, mere awareness is not enough; it’s necessary to transition customers from passive acknowledgment to active engagement. This involves helping your audience understand your unique value proposition, what sets you apart from the competition, and why they should choose your offerings. Your strategy to get people to engage should be compelling, turning a casual glance into a prolonged stare, encouraging prospects to learn more.
Once engagement is established, the next step is to guide prospects towards the subscribe stage. This is where they willingly exchange their contact information for something valuable you offer – a PDF, a webinar, or a relevant download. This not only identifies their interest but also initiates a connection. If you’re looking to grow, focusing on lead generation and conversion percentages in this stage is paramount, setting the stage for the subsequent phase.

Convert New Clients, Create and Excite Moment and Begin to Ascend


As we move beyond the subscribe stage, we encourage our prospects to make a small commitment of time or money. This is called the convert stage. Here, our goal is to nurture those initial connections into meaningful relationships. A common misconception is assuming that customers will naturally seek additional services they need. However, most clients may not even be aware of their existing challenges or that you have the potential solutions. Proactively guiding them, identifying gaps, and providing more value fosters a win-win scenario, allowing for shared growth.

During this process ask yourself this key question: how are overdelivering during this first experience your new customer has with you? Getting them excited is not about pushing products but helping them visualize the transformation your offerings can bring. By showcasing the potential for overcoming challenges and achieving desired outcomes, you turn a nice-to-have into a must-have, solidifying the customer’s commitment. This makes buying your core product or service the next logical step.

Once customers have experienced an A-ha moment, your customer value journey will guide them into taking significant action. They become true customers, but that is just the beginning. From here, you will want to nurture, educate and ascend your customers. In the ascend stage you are getting your customers to buy more frequently, explore new offerings and increase the length of time they are your customer.


Build Strong Advocates, Key Promoters and then Optimize


The last few stages in the customer value journey are where your business begins to soar. Here you create advocates. These satisfied customers sing your praises and are valuable assets to your business. Actively seek reviews, testimonials, and social proof to showcase the impact of your business. Capturing and sharing these stories ensures that others in need of your services are aware of the positive outcomes. A successful Advocate stage generates reviews, testimonials and case studies consistently.

Having advocates is not enough; ensuring your top customers actively promote your business is what we call the Promote Stage. Empowering advocates with the tools, resources, and incentives to share their positive experiences amplifies your reach. Actively encouraging, educating, and reminding them to promote your business ensures a consistent and enthusiastic dissemination of your brand.

Finally, to ensure smooth and efficient operations, you’ll want to automate processes. Leveraging technology becomes highly effective when each stage is well-defined and optimized. Automation should be the final step, ensuring that the entire customer value journey operates seamlessly. Prioritize optimization before automation to avoid the pitfalls of pouring resources into a leaky system.

By purposefully improving each of these stages, businesses can create a well-orchestrated system that maximizes opportunities, avoids bottlenecks, and guides prospects seamlessly through their journey. Remember, the key is focus and attention, and if you ever need assistance in navigating these stages, I’m here to help. Start by assessing each stage, prioritize where attention is needed, and take actionable steps toward achieving new and improved results.


Behind the Scenes: What is Working for Us

Our approach at Growth Amplifiers centers around authentic engagement and providing real value. Our successful engagement method revolves around the use of LinkedIn, a platform that facilitates genuine conversations and connections that went beyond conventional sales tactics.

A pivotal tool in our lead generation arsenal is a helpful assessment. This tool allows businesses to assess various aspects on a scale of one to ten, revealing opportunities and uncovering potential gaps. Following this, we offer a complimentary breakthrough session, guiding businesses through a profit calculator to reveal potential profits tied to addressing the identified gaps. Participants experience an a-ha moment during this process, realizing areas that need attention that they hadn’t been aware of. Importantly, our approach avoids pushing services; instead, we provided consultation and offer assistance. We introduce our advisory system designed to transform businesses and drive improvement in identified areas.

Our strategy includes exploring additional ways we can assist businesses once they begin working with us. The testimonies gathered on our website and YouTube channel bear witness to the transformative impact of having a dedicated ally to unlock and achieve their full potential. Lastly, we implement a referral program that offers rewards for introductions leading to additional new business. This approach creates a win-win scenario and also fosters a culture of sharing and mutual support.

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