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How To Engineer An Experience To Excite Customers Into Action

By March 28, 2024No Comments

How To Engineer An Experience To Excite Customers Into Action

As a business growth advisor, I’ve seen the sales struggle firsthand. Sales often feel like pushy tactics and awkward pressure – a feeling I know all too well from bad sales experiences in the past. Cheryl, a talented bookkeeper running her own business, shared this same hesitation.

She didn’t want to put her clients through the uncomfortable experiences she’d had. And that’s when I saw her incredible potential for a completely different approach.

Crafted Experience

We recognized Cheryl’s expertise and the immense value she offered, so we set out to engineer an experience that would revolutionize her sales approach. She just needed a way to communicate her value with confidence. At Growth Amplifiers, we decided to engineer an entirely new experience that would completely change how she approached sales. Here’s what we did:

1. Personalized Welcome

Instead of a cold pitch, Cheryl’s clients now receive a warm, personalized welcome package. It includes an engaging video introduction from her with glowing testimonials and resources they can access right away. This unique touch instantly makes them feel valued.

2. Guided Discovery

We helped Cheryl shift from pitching services to guiding prospects through discovery. She leads discussions using visual aids like presentations, and focuses on clients’ goals and challenges instead of a laundry list of features.

3. Understanding Client Needs

The emphasis shifted from Cheryl doing all the talking to active listening. She digs deep to understand client aspirations, obstacles, and the best way to support them.

4. Packaged Solutions

We created three-tiered packages tailored to different clients. Whether they need beginner support or advanced services, Cheryl’s solutions align with their unique needs.

From Selling to Enrolling

With this approach, Cheryl stopped “selling” and started enrolling clients in the possibilities of working together. Her conversations became about shared wins, not just transactions. We began to see her exuding confidence and enthusiasm. She continues to share transformative success stories, ties solutions to specific client needs, and presents her offers as exciting pathways to achieve their business goals.

How Growth Amplifiers Can Help You

Cheryl’s shift is proof that engineering an exciting customer experience leads to sales success. If you’re tired of traditional sales techniques and want to focus on personalized client journeys, that’s where Growth Amplifiers comes in!We help you create your own version of the Excite Experience, transforming prospects into enthusiastic partners.

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