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How to Lead a Loving Organization

By November 2, 2021No Comments
Zina Sutch

How to Lead a Loving Organization

The importance of human connections to work satisfaction became evident during the past pandemic year of working remotely. As employers bring staff back into the office, they have an opportunity to build on those valued workplace relationships. Yet too often leaders reduce interactions with employees solely to measurements of their performance. As a result, many organizations feel sterile and void of passion.

In this episode, we talk with Zina Sutch, a leading development and diversity programs for the Federal government for 20 years, who currently serves in the Senior Executive Service. She is co author of: Leading with Love and Laughter: Letting Go and Getting Real at Work.

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Interview Highlights:

  • What leaders can do to allow themselves to let go and get real
  • Which leaders epitomize how to create nurturing, caring organizations
  • How to help teams come together, love one another and have fun