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How to Maximize Your Cash Flow While Reducing Stress

By November 29, 2021No Comments
Catherine Tindall

How to Maximize Your Cash Flow While Reducing Stress

Catherine is a CPA specializing in advanced tax reduction who proactively works with clients to reduce what they pay in tax while supporting their greater wealth building and life goals. Her goal for every client is to provide a return on investment, in the first year, usually $15,000-100k+ in tax savings. With a focus on automation, Catherine and her team set themselves apart by utilizing technology whenever possible to streamline their advisory services and to offer those services to anyone no matter where they are located. She is especially passionate about providing tools to support entrepreneurs and small business owners in navigating the changing tax landscape, as well as helping them reduce their overall tax burden through proactive strategies and advisory.

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Interview Highlights:

  • Learn why cashflow is critical
  • The common cashflow mistakes to avoid
  • The first steps you should take to improve cashflow reduction planning