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How to Rethink How You Re Engage with Your People

By December 15, 2021No Comments
Pamela Hackett

How to Rethink How You Re Engage with Your People

Pamela Hackett has advised, led, and supported people through major change within some of the world's most prominent companies and brands throughout her 35 years in management consulting. She is the Global CEO of the international consultancy Proudfoot, a pioneer of “boots on the ground” consulting that’s been in the game for eight decades. Hackett is on a quest to help all companies build businesses that are both fit and healthy, productive and engaged. Her new book, Manage to Engage: How Great Managers Create Remarkable Results (Wiley; April 6, 2021), is a compendium of ideas and resources that will help leaders and managers focus on what matters—their people—to achieve their numbers and create true advantage.

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Interview Highlights:

  • What’s employment engagement about?
  • How to keep teams from disengaging
  • 5 simple principles to boost workplace connections