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Marketing Tasks You Can Outsource to a Virtual Assistant

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Marketing Tasks You Can Outsource to a Virtual Assistant

Marketing plays a crucial role in engaging customers and branding. It connects your company to your target audience and dictates how they perceive you.

This is why more and more businesses, no matter how big or small, make sure that they have a good marketing strategy in place and they have people working to execute these strategies seamlessly.

Marketing budget is an important factor, but it is not the end-all-be-all. For those of you who are just starting out, one good way of laying down the foundations of your marketing strategy is to find the best talent as early as now.

Doing so doesn’t have to be expensive. Today, there are so many talented marketing virtual assistants (VA) and freelancers all over the world who can get the job done for you at reasonable costs.

More and more entrepreneurs are outsourcing marketing tasks for a good reason. In this article, we deep-dive into what a marketing VA is, the benefits they bring to the table, and a list of marketing tasks you can outsource. 

Marketing Tasks You Can OutsourceWhat is a Marketing VA?

A marketing virtual assistant is someone who is knowledgeable with marketing and has the experiences and skills fit to formulate and execute strategies. A marketing VA commonly works independently and can be hired full-time, hourly, part-time, or output-based. They carry out the task remotely, making it convenient for entrepreneurs like you to manage them. 

A marketer in the organization is vital to effectively convey your brand to your audience and reach your target market. They help increase your customer engagement and establish your presence. With the advancement in technology, entrepreneurs choose to outsource marketing tasks to a marketing VA affordably and with ease.

The demand for the service of a marketing VA is high because it is perfect for businesses with a limited budget and those that seek professional help for a short time only. Compared to a traditional marketing assistant, a marketing VA is more cost-efficient and possesses the same level of expertise in producing strategic outputs. 

Benefits of Outsourcing Marketing Tasks

Opting to outsource is not only convenient for you but can also bring significant benefits for your business, such as increased sales and productivity. 

Specifically, outsourcing your marketing tasks would introduce opportunities and a pool of creative minds within the organization. Having a virtual assistant that is a marketer is advantageous enough to be missed. Here are more of the benefits of outsourcing your marketing tasks.

1. Increase Overall Productivity

Having another creative mind to execute marketing ideas and generate ways to engage customers is efficient. It would allow you to work on strategic tasks that need your presence, increasing your overall productivity.

2. Have Varying Options and Innovation

Prevent stagnancy and being stuck with the same marketing tactics for your business. Consider other ideas and fresh perspectives from people outside your organization or a marketing VA. This would increase your chances of success in implementing strategies and would bring innovation to your marketing efforts. 

3. Pool of Unique Ideas

The increased competition in the industry always makes it hard for entrepreneurs to produce unique content. With more people executing your marketing tasks, you can guarantee that your content is always fresh and new. This relieves the risk of being irrelevant to your clients and secures your position in the market. 

4. Engage More Clients

More and more marketing channels continue to exist and materialize in the industry. Onboarding a marketing VA to be part of your team is beneficial in expanding your reach and introducing your presence to these other marketing channels. This would open opportunities for more clients and increase your engagement. 

List of Marketing Tasks You Can Outsource

Social Media Management

The channels you are using to connect with your target audience are the key to excellent social media management. This marketing role focuses on effectively engaging your clients across different social media platforms. Delegating this task to a social media assistant ensures that strategies are correctly implemented and timely.

Ensure that your marketing VA can determine the social media platform where your business and branding will be best represented. This is important since it is the critical tool that will allow you to communicate and build relationships with your clients. 

Have your VA set up and align your pages according to your target audience and ensure that they optimize your content to prevent lapses. It is also helpful to create a system or calendar for your strategies to keep them organized and mitigate sudden mishaps. 

Don’t make the mistake of getting your platforms and social media strategies messed up, for it can be counterproductive for the business and your investments. 

Email Marketing

According to Snovio Labs, 72% of consumers prefer email as a significant business communication channel. Additionally, marketers perceive Email marketing as one of the most effective marketing strategies to engage clients. Email isn’t some new discovery. However, it continues to prove its relevance in the industry every day, so it is highly prioritized.

Email marketing entails a marketing VA to send promotional or informational emails to subscribers and prospects to gain engagement and generate leads. Every email must be visually appealing, relevant, and timely for the consumers to notice and take time to open it. It is a more personal take on marketing and guarantees high success since you observe one-to-one communication.

This task can be time-consuming but very beneficial, so it is strategic to outsource this task to a marketing expert to get a higher ROI.

Blog Writing

Your content is essential to keep your clients engaged and informed. Blog writing is one of the many writing tasks you can outsource to a marketing VA, and this is especially helpful if you have a website-based business. 

Good content can strengthen your relationship with your clients and keep their loyalty to your brand. Publish posts that would make your clients return for more and persuade prospects to acquire what you offer. 

To hire the suitable VA to do this task is to keep a close eye on specific writing skills that would enable them to perform this task efficiently. Outsource blog writing to someone who knows how to produce different writing content that would attract clients. Being flexible and creative enough to mix and match writing styles is essential to a potential marketing VA.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is one of the most commonly outsourced tasks in the industry. Entrepreneurs opt for outsourcing since it is convenient, affordable, and competent. Many freelancers solely specialize in graphic designing and being an output-based VA, so you shouldn’t worry if you are on a budget or you require their expertise for a short-term only.

It is vital that you work with a graphic artist who gives importance to communication and is up for feedback. Establish open communication with your VA to cater revisions and changes while working on the output. We wouldn’t want to foster miscommunication within the business.

A pro-tip, have a reliable project management platform where you can delegate projects to your graphic artist. It would systemize every output and keep it on schedule, which is beneficial for all parties.

Video Editing

The first step you should take in outsourcing video editing is to specify what kind of video editor you need. We categorize editors by their skills and experiences to align our budget and expectations to their output.

If you only need someone who will do simple video editing, consider hiring those with basic knowledge in the craft to avoid the high cost that experts in the industry charge. However, if you need the skills of a pro, you have to be ready with your budget and communicate what you specifically require to get the value of your investment.

It is vital that you provide ample time for your video editors to process and edit the video, which can take longer than you expect. Be transparent in communicating and be detailed as possible when giving instructions to make the workflow smooth and avoid misunderstandings.


The best that this article could do is provide you a façade of the strategic benefits of outsourcing your marketing tasks. Use this as your guide to improve your operations and become an efficient entrepreneur.

If you want to know the detailed process of outsourcing, take a quick tour of online outsourcing courses, and you might find what you and your business exactly need to scale up. Be part of the community and start outsourcing your first marketing task to a virtual assistant now.

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