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CanDee Baker

How to Maximize Profits While Minimizing Risk

CanDee is the owner of eComm Financial Services. She helps Shopify and eCom Retailers and business owners maximize profits and minimize financial risk.

eComm Financial Services offer a personal touch that people have been looking for. They bring over 25 years of experience as an Accountant/Bookkeeper to provide the services that best fit the company. They care about the services they provide and handle them well and professionally.

Scroll down to see what CanDee had to say about how savvy business owners can maximize their profits and minimize their risk.

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Interview Summary

Growth Amplifiers is all about sharing the top B2B leaders and what they offer clients. We had the opportunity to speak with CanDee Baker, owner of eComm Financial Services. As a profit-first bookkeeper, Baker works to help businesses like yours maximize profits and minimize risks. 

Her specialty is the growing Shopify e-commerce retail industry. CanDee helps by teaching business owners how to grow their brands strategically by following a proven system. EComm Financial Services prides itself on being a growth specialist, collaborating with clients in e-commerce retail who are looking to maximize profits. 

The team does this from a profit first standpoint, taking clients from where they are to where they want to be. Along the way, clients are able to eliminate debt and pay themselves. This method is what makes eComm Financial Services unique.

Challenges Facing E-Commerce Business Owners

CanDee shared the main challenges her clients face that send them seeking her services. The first is the cycle of over-investing inventory with no plan for it and their lack of funds set aside for keeping the appropriate inventory. The team at eComm Financial Services starts by assessing where the clients’ numbers are, so they can build a roadmap towards where they would like them to be.

They help clients “operate the businesses within their bank account,” and not “within their QuickBooks file and looking at their bank account to see if they have money.” With CanDee’s system, there is no guesswork in inventory purchasing; there is a system set up to plan and know where they stand at all times. This gives clients the chance to identify available funds and invest in new inventory to scale strategically. 

Overcoming Challenges

eComm Financial Services’ e-commerce business owner client was working to grow his million-dollar business was able to eliminate debt, pay himself and build an inventory slush fund. Their client is now free from the worry and struggles and using that free time to travel the world. CanDee’s method looks into the past and peeks into the future, setting up plans to avoid issues.

But eComm Financial Services is more than just accounting and bookkeeping; they are helping businesses with growth strategies and technology. Clients have the opportunity to turn to automation with the implementation of technologies and pull back and get back to their personal lives. This also helps them set their exit strategies in place.

Help for Shopify & eCom Retailers

For those feeling stuck, looking for a solution to build and maintain a financially successful business, it’s essential to find someone you trust, someone who can relieve the stress. CanDee’s team starts with getting financial books in order, automating systems to save time and reduce errors, and planning for exit strategies. Beginning with getting a good idea of your existing system, the team finds out what is working and what isn’t. Then they develop your financial success plan and implement necessary changes specific to your business and business goals. Planning is nothing without execution, so the team then helps clients execute the strategy to get your business to the next level.

If you’re ready to increase efficiency, maximize profits, and reduce risks, connect with CanDee and eComm Financial Services. Schedule your complimentary session to see what the team can do for you and your business.

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