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Mission Driven. Wildly Innovative. Fiercely Inclusive. BRAVE Cultures.

By August 31, 2020May 7th, 2021No Comments
Johanna Lyman
Johanna Lyman

Mission Driven. Wildly Innovative. Fiercely Inclusive. BRAVE Cultures.

A business can only go as far as its culture is empowered to take it. When it comes to building mission driven, wildly innovative, fiercely inclusive teams, it requires Brave Cultures.

Johanna Lyman helps fast-growing companies build BRAVE Cultures for higher productivity, greater innovation, and stronger revenue and profits.

Her company is industry agnostic and has worked with start-ups, tech companies, professional service firms, non-profits, and manufacturers. They came to Johanna when their teams couldn't keep up with the fast growth of the company, or they were stuck at an inflection point.

She has a combination of unique delivery methods and processes that crack the code on establishing lasting organizational behavior changes in a relatively short period of time. Our proprietary and evolutionary system can eliminate months of frustration often associated with developing strong leadership and building a cohesive, collaborative team.

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Interview Highlights

  • How to build BRAVE cultures in your organization
  • How to keep your team aligned with your growth
  • How to create lasting behavioral changes