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Money Matters, Proactive or Procrastinate The Choice is Yours

By May 2, 2020May 26th, 2020No Comments
Michael McCormick
Michael McCormick

Money Matters, Proactive or Procrastinate The Choice is Yours

When was the last time your CPA or financial advisor actively contacted you with proactive ways to save you money and build your wealth? Many CPAs simply report the history, but a selected few, work proactively help people improve and grow to achieve your goals. Inspired by his father who was renowned by his ability to help others with their finances, Michael McCormick is on a mission to help those he serves to grow and accumulate wealth to achieve their life goals. Michael is a CPA, financial advisor, and business consultant as well as the owner of the Financial Clarity Group.

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In This Podcast:

  • Thinking outside-the-box like Walt Disney, to plus up and create goal-achieving strategies.
  • A creative idea to higher your kids to save money on taxes.
  • How procrastination can cost you thousands and what you can do about it.

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