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Preparing Your Business for a Smooth Exit

By January 5, 2021March 25th, 2021No Comments
Preparing Your Business for a Smooth Exit
Bob Zarlengo

Preparing Your Business for a Smooth Exit

Bob Zarlengo is an Exit Strategist who is passionate about helping business owners achieve their exit strategy goals, He provides his clients with the focus and accountability necessary to ensure the success of the single largest financial transaction of their lives.

Working in the public accounting arena for more than four decades has given Bob the opportunity to provide financial services to numerous entrepreneurs, business owners, and those ready to exit their businesses. His specialties include corporate and individual tax preparation and consulting, audit and attestation services, company valuation services, estate planning, business value enhancement, and exit strategy planning. The industries with which he’s worked are diverse, including manufacturing, distribution, healthcare, and construction.

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Interview Highlights

  • Insights on the stages of a successful exit
  • 3 common things all companies who exit share
  • Why it is important to plan for long term when it comes to exiting