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Susanne Mariga

Strategies for Smart Business Growth: Lessons from Susanne Mariga

In this episode of the Growth Amplifiers podcast, host Kenny Harper introduces you to Susanne Mariga, a trailblazer in the world of business transformation. As a certified public accountant turned entrepreneur, Susanne has not only built successful businesses but has also impacted countless lives.

Susanne's journey is nothing short of inspiring. Starting out at the age of 14, working alongside her father in his CPA firm, she quickly developed a passion for finance and business. With determination and grit, she pursued her career, eventually founding her own firm. Today, she's on a mission to guide business towards profitability and sustainable growth.

Connect with Susanne Mariga:

Interview Highlights:

  • Transitioning from a business owner to CFO
  • Reconnecting with the purpose of your business
  • Profit First for Minority Business Enterprises