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Tapping Into Your Superhero Powers with Authenticity

By March 3, 2020February 25th, 2024No Comments
Dr. Scott McComas

Tapping Into Your Superhero Powers with Authenticity

Dr. Scott McComas is not a typical life or career coach. He has found the true key to success is to follow one’s passion and use one’s true talents. Following his own passions, Dr. Scott utilizes his business experience and doctorate in clinical psychology to host fun and transformative events to produce Superheros out of attendees to tap into their inner-awesome. This is right in alignment with Growth Amplifier’s mission to produce Rockstar Professionals. In this rock-cast, we discuss just how important it is to have the courage to follow your heart to step into your greatness.

Connect with Dr. Scott McComas:

In This Podcast:

  • Be Inspired to Make Your Career More Fun and Interesting
  • Gain Ideas to Attract More Ideal Clients
  • Understand How Being Authentic is the Key to Career Fulfillment

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