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Three Pillars for Predictable Growth
Manny Torres and Kenny Harper

Three Pillars for Predictable Growth

Growing your practice or small business can be a struggle. If you don't have the correct framework, you will experience set backs and challenges.

In this session, we discuss the 3 pillars that lead to predictable growth. If you are missing any one of these 3 key elements, your success will be limited. You may find that you don't have consistent results, you aren't sure what is working and what isn't or you are stuck because you have hit a wall that you cannot overcome.

Connect with  Manny Torres:

Connect with  Kenny Harper:

Interview Highlights

  • What is the Growth Triad
  • How can move clients seamless and subtly through their journey of doing business with you
  • What drives profit in a business or practice and how can you grow it consistently