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Top 6 Marketing Mistakes That Accounting Firms Make

By July 26, 2022August 11th, 2022No Comments
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With over 650,000 CPAs currently practicing in the US, potential clients are spoiled for choice if they’re looking for accountants or accounting firms. That means that, as an accounting firm, you need to have a solid marketing strategy in place and stand out above the rest. 

However, accounting is a much different industry from marketing, meaning that firms often make some mistakes when it comes to selling themselves.

If you’re wondering about the top marketing mistakes that accounting companies make, read on to find out what they are so you can avoid them.

1. Avoiding Engaging With Clients

The best accounting firm will make an active effort to engage with both future and current clients. There are a number of ways to do this.

You could have an email list where you send out reminders, promotions, and other things that may be relevant for people to know. You could also have a social media page to promote your firm and answer any questions, as well as deliver accounting tips that may be helpful for people to know.

The important thing is to show a strong interest and compassion. Clients don’t want to work with someone who seems cold and impersonal, so demonstrating your willingness to engage with them will be huge.

2. Not Illustrating the Full Range of Services

One of the best accounting firm tips is to make sure you’re advertising your whole range of services.

For example, you might specialize in tax preparation. While this is great and should definitely be at the heart of your website, don’t forget to advertise all of the other things you might offer, like bookkeeping.

If your other services are tucked away in a corner and no one knows about them, they’ll contact someone else for their services. Don’t expect your audience to automatically know what you offer or contact you for a full list — present it right away so they can make an informed decision.

3. Not Targeting Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In 2020, 93% of consumers used online search to find a local business. When it comes to accounting, local is often best. State laws vary, so most people want someone who’s familiar with their area.

While many firms already use SEO in their marketing strategy, most of them forget to optimize their local SEO and this is a critical failure that means they may lose business.

The main way to make use of this is by using local keywords. Putting them on your website means that when people search for “business in [my area]” they’ll be presented specifically with yours. However, you can also optimize your Google My Business profile and other tactics to ensure your website is popping up on search results in your area.

4. Thinking the Website Doesn’t Matter

While website design may be an industry that accounting firms don’t understand or have the right skillset in, you should still make every effort to have a professional website. A white page with black text and nothing else is visually unappealing, and potential clients are very likely to click off and look for a site that looks better.

Even if that means paying someone to design your website and help with your marketing, it’s very worth it. Not only does it give your company a more professional and memorable appearance but it also helps your SEO, as Google is looking for pages that are optimized and user-friendly.

You can also make sure your website works well on different browsers and devices, as many people are browsing from their phones.

Remember, your website doesn’t have to be the most stunning page in the world, but having the information laid out well will make a world of difference.

5. Not Showcasing Your Experience

As well as having your services listed on your website, you should also showcase your experience. Most people looking for an accountant want to find someone who has many years under their belt and has dealt with accounts like theirs time and time again, lessening the risk of mistakes.

This doesn’t have to be extensive. A quick line with how many years of experience the firm or its members have will usually suffice, and you can include any extra qualifications if you want to. It’s a quick way to assure potential clients that you stand out amongst other accountants and you’re not in the middle of a learning curve that they may fall victim to.

6. Not Asking for Reviews

When you have happy clients, you should actively ask them for a review online. You can specify the platform, but Google is likely the best one to use as those are the results people will see when searching for you.

It’s important not to harass or spam anyone, but a quick request when delivering services or a follow-up email after the business is done should be fine. Good reviews are at the heart of any business and the more stars you get, the more likely you are to draw in more clients as you become more credible.

Accounting Firms Should Avoid These Marketing Mistakes

Marketing mistakes are very common with accounting firms, as the industries are very different. However, if you want to be the most successful firm in your area, you need to engage with a great marketing strategy and make use of all the tactics available to you.

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