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Why You May Want to Consider Niching Who You Serve

By January 19, 2021March 25th, 2021No Comments
Why you may want to consider niching with Lynda Artesani
Lynda Artesani

Why You May Want to Consider Niching Who You Serve

In this interview, accountant and business advisor, Lynda Artesani shares her journey to begin niching her practice to focus on helping attorneys, the challenges she had to overcome and the many benefits you niche your practice.

Lynda Artesani, helps attorneys implement technology and automation in their law practice by modernizing their workflow to include QuickBooks Online and LeanLaw | 1:1 Training | Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

Her business helps our attorneys automate their law practices harnessing the best legal software and workflows to use technology to modernize their firm. No more paper!

Connect with Lynda Artesani:

Interview Highlights

  • Sharing ideas on how you can find your own niche
  • What are the pros and cons of keeping your clientele?¬†
  • Importance of networking with similar business when you are niching your own business¬†